Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cyber security bill

The threat of a catastrophic cyberattack is real. It is not a matter of ‘if’ an attack will happen; rather it is a matter of ‘when,’” said a document issued by Lieberman and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).
What the hell does Liberman know about the internet? That his good buddy Al Gore invented it? This is all abunch of bullshit. Suggestions have included introducing a new cyber identification system for everybody using the internet. I pity the fool that has to administrate that database. I am sure it will be another "uncrackable," algorithm. Nobody will ever steal your identity again because everything will be kept in one convenient place and controlled by one convenient password. This doesn't make you more secure, it makes you less secure. There is already human trafficking in America on a large scale, now we open the flood gates for human identification trafficking. If you so much as misplace your cyber identification you'll be up shit creek and god forbid somebody else get a hold of it. Sure it sounds good to people that know nothing about computer security. Put everything on a privatized government server. Servers get hacked every day. Say one of those servers gets broken into and everybody's cyber identity gets leaked in cyber space. This will happen. If your worried about a catastrophic cyber attack, don't use the internet for your banking transactions. Period. If this is a really big deal, bring back the intranet systems for networks that need security and don't connect those machines to the outside via the internet. God forbid an administrator have to get off their ass and walk to the physical location of a machine to get information from it. The point is that, the government is opening up a can of cyber-apocolypse worms all to sell your identity to private corporations. This mythical cyber attack is incredulous. If you don't want a machine tampered with remotely the only way to resolve that problem is not to connect it. So if this bill actually makes things worse what is the real purpose of the government making you use an identification system to get on line? Well they could create a massive database of search history used to profile users who might be potentially threatening to the status quo, who don't believe in a corporate welfare state where corporations are given control over our identity and accuse them of being a band of suburban russian spies. The government uses the patriot act to collect information about our purchasing history because we are at a time of wartime threat, which we are perpetually in with some nation or other somewhere, which protects us from our contrived enemy, by encouraging consumption of chinese goods. What is to stop the government from doing the same with our online identity. This is the equivalent to being forced to put up big brother in our homes. Big brother has no business here in a country purporting to be free. We are not free, we are being occupied by corporations both of domestic and foreign origin that would squeeze every last drop of blood from our stone bodies. Enough already. Joe Liberman should be the first to go. Vote him out now(like voting really matters). I'm sure youll all sit in front of your stupid television drinking your stupid beer, being stupid and do nothing about it until big brother is knocking down your door for more mandatory tax donations because government got too big to feed.
Another suggestion of this bill is to computerize the electricity grid system, by connecting usage meters to a database directly. This also makes you less secure. They will be crack and it will make it easier to tamper with than they already are. Somebody will release a program utility to do it and it will be much safer than it is currently to tamper with meters. It is also a way for corporations to cut more costs, they get the money from uncle sam to implement the policy, so they don't spend a dime and then they can cut employee jobs. You know the guy who went around looking at your meter. He'll be on his ass, so the taxes that will be funneled into this program can go straight to the ceo and the majority share holders who will make out like bandits again.
I think instead of this we should introduce an American Loyalty bill to limit corporate welfare. First if you do business in America, a certain percentage of your employees must be American. Second you cannot replace a person's job with a machine, if you implement a machine it is to improve the efficiency of a person. Third, raise import tariffs to make american goods cheaper in comparison. Third do not allow businesses from offshore nations that won't hold them accountable for scamming and defrauding americans in in the first place.
If our own government cannot be loyal to the people, but only to marauding corporate interests, we have the responcibility to deseat them by any means necessary.

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