Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Green to Save my Marraige...

As Americans, we are interested in hot button issues... The keywords that are to debates as a big mac is to a hamburger... Usually it looks good on television, its cheap and mass produced, but when it comes to substance its really ill defined. Most importantly these keywords drive the debate quickly, because in America we need to get things done now, now, now... Who cares what the end result will ultimately be, as long as the initiative and hard work drive the product it must be good... However like everything in America, we are getting what we paid for with the cheap, mass production corporate green movement... Lots of simple keywords, filled with addictive additives that keep us coming back(green is the new crack), but is anything beneficial coming of corporate America dipping their greasy hands into this pristine "movement?" Can you really expect change when the business is conducted in the usual, closed door, keep the inquisitive citizens out way? Look past the packaging into the truth, Solar Panels are largely made from silicon, the production of which, produces harmful byproducts, CFL light bulbs though being paraded around on television as the innovation that will save humanity, are filled with poisonous mercury, Biomass fuel production facilities have been caught dumping glycerin into the water supply... The point being that large scale production usually has negative impacts on the environment, naturally the damage to the environment is usually correlated to the size(among other variables such as toxicity of materials and byproducts) of the operation exponentially maybe even logarithmically though the exact equation eludes my understanding. It seems quite plain that some correlation can be made between the size of the operation and th impact on the environment and the delicate homeostasis our planet is slowly slipping away from. We get 400 trillion trillion watts/second from the sun. A large amount of that gets absorbed into the atmosphere, some of it gets reflected back into space, what remains is stored in a number of different forms. We somehow find ourselves stuck in an energy crises, exacerbated by our insatiable desire for conquest... Mast of us waste this energy charging our iphones to find out what somebody a hundred miles away is doing with their life immediately. While this is an incredible technology that most of us can't begin to understand, nor does anybody seem to care to, it shouldn't be our priority right now.
We have over 300 million citizens in America and less than 2 million farms that works out to %6. How is %6 of the population supposed to support %94. A similar statistic can be derived from labor statistics. The Capitolist class in America consists of %1 of the population. With another %5 being considered rich. The total of these two categories is less than half of those living below the poverty line. The working class is between 40-45% and the Middle Class is said to be another 35-40%. This suggests that 90% of Americans are doing the working jobs, making things the ultra-rich sell and profit from. The Average salary at Exxon is $65,000, while the CEO makes $22,400,000, thats over %300 more, but who does the work that keeps the business profitable?
I think in order for the green movement to gain any real traction it needs to sever ties with these large corporations and their ultra-rich ceos that attempt to co-opt the movement and make it another profitable ad campaign...

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