Wednesday, May 19, 2010

harvard imposter... so what.

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All I can say about this is, so what. The whole education system from the time you enter it as a small child is designed to funnel you into a college, where you continue to regurgitate information you probably don't really understand. Its not like a teacher can fail you for answering the precise textbook definition of a term. The testing officials claim that these standards will help us be globally competitive down the road, but it seems clear to me what they really want. Retail workers who can memorize product specs, not really understand them, but be able to sell to another retail worker. How else will we maintain America's reputation for being the consumer of the worlds goods. Its important that my sister be able to spit out a very skewed definition of voltage and simultaneously, not understand what voltage is or how it can be harnessed. The whole system is designed to scam you out of money you don't even have yet. You will come out of the college of your choosing, with the debt of your choosing and it has the effect of ensuring you will have to enter the work force. Now nobody wants somebody without experience, so you will have to start at the bottom anyway, but presumably, you'll work your way back up. Schools like harvard have been used to make sure you must know somebody who knows somebody in order to have a real fighting chance to make it. Good grades and a lot of money are sometimes not even enough to get into an "ivy league," school. The graduates of harvard are the ones who will have the MIT graduates work under them to generate ideas and new technologies they can exploit, send to china to manufacture and ship back to a retail location where maybe you, as a college graduate, have moved up assistant manager, by the time your parallel stories collide again. If somebody scammed the education system, they did what we all should have done, took it back for the people, because education should be free. It shouldn't be about forcing those that don't care to learn to regurgitate information they don't understand. It should be about making the information freely accessible to anybody that wants it. If we wish to become competitive in education globally, we need to provide education without limits to those who wish to learn. I think more people should be doing this. This poor kid will probably spent a lot of time in jail, because he had the where-with-all to go to the slave masters and demand his freedom. People want to get indignant because they think they are entitled to their Harvard education, they worked hard for their grades, even the bad ones, but get this through your heads, nobody owes you shit, just because your Daddy had enough money to send you to harvard.
What Americans need more than anything is a good hard ass kicking, one that isn't followed up by overprotective parents getting litigious over a broken nose or a black eye. Kids will and should get in fights, it will build character, and you will know, nothing will be handed to you except your ass.
Today kids get into fights and one of them gets arrested, goes to jail and once entering the system, become institutionalized. Their life will be lived largely between those concrete walls, because they had the balls to stand up to somebody, or the strength to put down somebody that stood up to them. These people will be funneled into the military, because they will recieve no education in institutions, they will be angry and you can begin to focus that anger on whoever you want as long as you give them an outlet for that anger.
The football players that didn't make pro, will be funneled into the police. They learned that coach will always tell them what to do, so now sergeant will do the same.
The world is run by rich people that can't protect themselves, so they pit the poor against the middle working class, to ensure that both will have their hands full with enemies and never figure out who is responsible for all of it. Who funneled crack into the ghetto to introduce more desperation... Who depleted the resources of the middle class, creating more disparity between the middle and upper class and foreclosed on your house and forced you to move closer to the desperate poor crackheads, that will rob you because you have more and they pine for drugs. Who is it that refuses to lend money the government took from you and gave to them. That money is yours, not theirs and you have to beg to get it back. Who replaced your shitty cashier job with an automated machine that can't even get the job right. Who takes your tax money that should be going to public libraries, after school programs, homeless shelters, et cetera and funneled it into for profit, privatized prisons, ensuring that the poor will have no resources left, but to start jacking, get caught, go back to jail, where it costs the tax payer $80 to $120 a day to keep them in a cage, when you could have paid them $8 an hour to do something useful and keep them out of jail.
When are you going to see that the numbers don't add up... Why do they need to increase taxes %6 and lay off teachers? Could it have anything to do with the overwhelming infrastructure of government jobs, their jobs, that they won't sacrifice for you or me. Could it be because the governor of the state makes $175,000 when you sit around the poverty line, working two jobs so you can pay back your student loans? its horse shit. Wake up and take uncle sam's dick out of your ass.

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